Developing Your Confidence

How to Develop your confidence in order to success on Dating-sites

Some people have low self-confidence, which is related to 65% of the population, therefore in order to be attractive in the dating-world it's important to build up some basic confidence

Here are some tools to help you to develop your confidence in general and especially on dating-sites:

1 Learn to be comfortable with yourself. Some people avoid dealing with themselves by escaping through drugs, alcohol, tv, food, video games, etc. Don’t spend your effort avoiding yourself and instead, embrace who you are. Spend time alone without any distractions. Reflect on how you view yourself or what kind of inner dialog you have with yourself. When you find that you're comparing yourself to others, realize that you’re fine just the way you are. If you struggle with comparing yourself to others or not feeling “good enough,” say to yourself, “Where I am at is okay.” You can also say, “My best is different than someone else’s best, and that is okay.”

2 Embrace your flaws and perceived weaknesses. Everyone has flaws and weaknesses, so don't allow yours to hold you back. Sometimes things you consider to be a flaw will be things that make you unique or interesting, such as imperfections in your appearance. Other issues that you have with yourself might stem from old wounds in your past that you can work to overcome. Either way, you are worthy of love, so don't hold yourself back from it. When you find yourself thinking of a flaw or weakness, write a few positive affirmations that remind you that it won't hold you back. For example, a person who is worried about a scar might write, "My scar is part of who I am and tells a story about my journey," "My scar is beautiful because it allowed me to survive and keep living," and "My scar is more apparent to me; others won't notice my scar as much because they are more focused on what they like about me."

3 Know your own likes and dislikes. Some people lose themselves when they start to date someone new and are unsure of their own preferences. It’s important to know yourself and your preferences before you include someone new into your life. If you want to share interests with someone else, know your interests first. If you don’t know your likes and interests, start doing some exploration. Ask yourself if there’s something you’ve always wanted to do. Try activities you’ve never tried before, like traveling or painting. Find out what ignites you. Develop your preferences by trying new things and having different experiences. Explore different cuisines, figure out if you like to take risks, and see how it feels to try something that makes you scared. Do something outside of your comfort zone and see how it feels.

4 Practice hobbies. Hobbies connect you with something you enjoy doing and unleash the potential for expressing creativity. You can also connect with potential dates through engaging in a hobby. Ask yourself whether you want to practice your hobbies on your own or whether you’d prefer to do them with a date. If you want to start a hobby but don’t know what to do, consider picking up an instrument, engaging in a sport like skiing, starting a collection, or making something by hand.

5 Focus on yourself more than the search for love. Don't try so hard to find the right person to date because it will be counterproductive. The right person will be most interested in you if you show the qualities that they are attracted to, so focus on being what you want to attract. When you are at your best, you'll attract someone who is right for you. Write down the qualities about yourself that you'd like your partner to have, as well. Go out and have fun without a significant other. This will remind you that you can be happy alone, and it will show others that you are a stable, thriving potential partner.

6 Have a good social network. Before you start dating, it’s important to have friends of your own. It can be easy to get wrapped up in dating and meeting new people, but make sure you have friends that you can count on as a regular part of your life. Otherwise, you may find yourself only meeting new people on dates and not having other people to spend time with. Friends help balance your relationships and provide emotional support and fun. Having friends means you put less pressure on someone you’re dating to be everything for you. If you don’t have a social network, call up old friends to reconnect. Connect with people with similar interests as you. For example, if you’re vegan, you may want to have vegan friends or if you enjoy biking you may want friends who bike with you.

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